Information Circular No 31/2018: Outstanding Adjudications – Discussions – Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise its members that the Department of Defence has reverted with the position of the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) pertaining to the payment of outstanding adjudications.

The Department has confirmed that they are willing to pay outstanding adjudications with effect from the 1st of October 2018. However, the Department has also confirmed that no payments of arrears would be made.

During the meeting last week between PDFORRA and the various Departments, the Association enquired as to whether alternatives to the absolute denial of arrears payments could be considered. The suggestions made appear to have been disregarded.

PDFORRA, has, in the lead up to these talks, investigated the potential of legal action in respect of the outstanding adjudication for Account Holders Allowance. Arising from the adoption of the aforementioned position by the Department, papers which have been prepared will now be filed with the High Court this week.

PDFORRA considers the position being adopted by the Department in respect of these adjudications as unjustified and constitute abuse of a dominant position.

This Association is confident that its members will want the aforementioned position to be challenged through all available forums, including the Courts if possible. Consequentially, District Representatives are being asked to discuss this Circular with Chef’s within their District/Region and to select one/two individual Chefs to represent their District/Region at a meeting between the Associations Solicitor/Counsel to be established for the purposes investigating the potential for legal action. PDFORRA will then liaise directly with this group as developments arise.

Similar measures will be undertaken in respect of members of PDFORRA within the Army Ranger Wing.


Issued on: 23/10/2018

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