Information Circular No 30/2018: Payment of €1,000 to Members of 57 Inf Gp UNDOF

By Industrial Relations Officer

The Department of Defence have advised PDFORRA of the following information in relation to the payment of €1,000 net to be paid to members of the 57 Inf Gp:

“As there is a direction to pay each member €1,000 Euro net, the payment had to be grossed up to get a net figure and therefore different gross amounts will be received by each individual based upon their tax rates, gross earnings to date, USC, PRSI and PRD thresholds.”

Consequentially, detailed calculations were required on an individual basis.

The Association have been advised that Finance Branch are presently in the process of making arrangements to instruct the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) to make these payments on the 31st October 2018.

PDFORRA members of the 57 Inf Gp who encounter difficulty regarding their €1,000 payment are requested to contact our National Office on Freephone: 1800 – 200 – 250.

Issued on: 17/10/2018

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