Information Circular No 26/2018: Summary of Ongoing Activities

By Industrial Relations Officer

As of the 30th of August 2018, the following is a summary of activities currently being undertaken by the Association on behalf of our members:

  • Claim under Articles 1 & 26 of the European Social Charter – Finalisation date dependant on Committee.
  • Review of C&A Scheme following complaint under Articles 5&6 of the European Social Charter – Chairman scheduled to report Oct 2018.
  • Submission to Public Service Pay Commission – Presented in February 2018 – Scheduled to report end of 2018.
  • Engagement with Department of Public Expenditure and Reform on Two Tier Pay Structures for Post 2011 Personnel – Ongoing.
  • Negotiations on Post 1994 Personnel Contracts – Ongoing.
  • In excess of 30 x Claims currently being case managed under the Working Time Directive – Finalisation dates dependant on Court schedule.
  • 9 x cases listed for the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) – Payment of Wages- Hearings imminent.
  • 1 Equality Case High Court – Pending 2-3*Course – Discrimination
  • 1 Civil Action – Emergency Medical Technicians – Circuit Court Dependant.
  • 1 Outstanding Arbitration Board Hearing – Loss of Earnings – Kilkenny/Limerick/Kilworth – Date dependant on Board.
  • Number of Disagreed Reports – Case files completed for Adjudication.
  • PDFORRA Medical Assistance Scheme (PMAS) established – Progression of Patients through Scheme on-going.
  • Significant number of Claims currently being processed through Council.

Issued on: 12/09/2018

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