Information Circular No 24/2018: Clarification – Continuation of Periods of Acting Rank (Paid)/Substitution Allowance

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise its members that following clarification from the Military Authorities that the following is the position for extensions in Acting Rank (Paid)/Substitution Allowance:

“…. it has been agreed that, where sanction has already been given for acting or substitution and the period needs to be extended, it is a Unit responsibility to submit a simple covering letter through the chain of command to the Department stating that the circumstances of the business case remain unchanged for whatever reason and that an extension is requested.”

The Military Authorities further stated that:
“This cover letter should be submitted, if required, in a timely fashion in order to ensure that there is no unnecessary break in the sanction.”

Any PDFORRA member who has experienced difficulties in application for extensions in their Acting Rank (Paid)/Substitution Allowance are advised to contact their local District Committee in an effort to resolve the issue.

Issued on: 04/09/2018

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