Information Circular No 21/2018: Public Service Pay Commission Survey

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been contacted by a research body, Research Matters Ltd, who have been tasked by The Public Service Pay Commission to carry out a study on recruitment and retention among a number of specialist streams of the Defence Forces.

This anonymous and confidential survey is your opportunity to provide feedback to the Public Service Pay Commission on issues relating to recruitment and retention which impact on your role within the Defence Forces.

Your feedback on this important issue will provide a valuable insight into your experiences of working in the Defence Forces and is essential to the outcome of the Pay Commission’s work.

PDFORRA requests that all personnel invited to take part in the survey actively engage in a forthright manner – as the report of the findings will help to guide the Public Service Pay Commission with regards to future determinations on recruitment and retention in the Defence Forces.

Issued on: 09/08/2018

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