Information Circular No 19/2018: Access and Printing of Payslips & P60’s

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following representations, PDFORRA have been advised by the Department of Defence that facilities are in place in all Defence Force Barracks to ensure that those who cannot access the Core-Portal on their personal devices, can access their payslips/P60 on Defence Force PC’s – printers are also available for this purpose.

Alternatively, in the event that printers are unavailable or not working, enlisted personnel can contact PSSC to have a written certificate of earnings posted directly to their home address.

Forms and JI Instructions relating to the procedure for applying for Certificates of Earnings are available in all military units and enlisted personnel can consult with their Unit Pay Clerk for any assistance in this matter.

Members who experience difficulties in any of the foregoing regards are requested to contact PDFORRA HQ for further advice.

Issued on: 25/07/2018

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