Information Circular No 13/2018: Holiday Pay – 53 INF GROUP

By Industrial Relations Officer

The 53 Inf Gp UNIFIL returned to Ireland from service in Lebanon in November 2016. PDFORRA understands that Per Diem and Holiday Pay application for personnel from this unit was submitted to Payroll Admin at that time.

However, due to administrative issues involving the change of office location and the changeover of payment systems to PSSC, holiday pay has not been paid to date.

Following the submission of representations from a number of District Representatives on behalf of members, PDFORRA HQ submitted correspondence to C&A Branch.

Payroll Admin has now advised that this payment is due to be made to all members of 53 Inf Gp who qualify for holiday pay at the end of Week 23 (06 June 2018).

PDFORRA has been assured by military C&A that this payment of $157.50 (which will be converted to Euros) is forthcoming.

Should any members not receive this payment by the 6th of June 2018, they are requested to contact PDFORRA HQ where your notification will be passed on to J1 through military C&A.

PDFORRA understands that J1 will then liaise with Payroll Admin to ensure payment is made in a timely manner.


Issued on: 24/05/2018

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