Information Circular No 12/2018: Increase in the Upper Age Limit for Sergeant’s – Serving Overseas

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise its members that following discussions with Military Management it has been agreed to increase the Overseas Age limits for Sergeants to 55 years. The Amendment as delivered hereunder provides;

“This Amendment provides a revised upper age limit for Sgt’s, or equivalent rank serving overseas, in exceptional circumstances, with the prior approval of DCOS (SP), Sergeants, or equivalent rank, may be nominated for overseas deployment in staff or administrative appointments, either at HQ or unit level, up to an age limit of 55 years.”

This Amendment to Annex D to the Administrative Instruction puts in place a waiver for Sgt’s where none had previously existed.

Annex D Para 108 (b) had mandated the Sgt’s could serve Overseas up to Age 50.

An Amendment to Annex D of Administrative Instruction CS5 is now being disseminated to all locations of the Defence Forces and the Amendment will also be published on IKON.


Issued on: 15/05/2018

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