Information Circular No 10/2018: Single Public Service Pension Scheme – Annual Benefits Statements

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wishes to advise its members who have enlisted since 1st January 2013 that they are to receive their Annualised Benefits Statements in the coming weeks.

PDFORRA has entered into significant correspondence with the Department of Defence over the past number of months regarding the supply of information to members on their pension entitlements. The Association initially requested that all District members be briefed by a member of the Department regarding pension entitlements; however, the Department have stated that they are unable to commit the necessary resources at this time.

The Department confirmed within the aforementioned correspondence, issued in November 2017, that the reason for the delay in issuing annual statements going back to 2013, will be explained to members.

PDFORRA has been informed by the Department that there was in excess of 1,500 Defence Force members of the Single Entrant Pension Scheme at the end of 2016. These personnel may receive multiple statements for the intervening years between 2013- present date.

The Association firmly believes that our members are entitled to have their pension entitlements explained to them in plain language at benchmark periods, such as, Extension of Service, Re-Engagement and Continuance in Service.

PDFORRA requests that any of our members who have difficulties with understanding their pension Statements contact their District Representatives. These queries will be passed on through the chain to the Department so that these knowledge deficits/understanding deficits can be addressed.


Issued on: 20/04/2018

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