Ballot Result Towards 2016 Pay Agreement Accepted


PDFORRA accepted the terms of the Towards 2016 Pay Agreement following a ballot of the membership which was counted on Saturday 16th June, 2007.

In a total valid poll of 2376, 88% (2,093) voted to accept the agreement while 12% (283) voted to reject the deal. Approximately 30% of the membership voted in the ballot.

The pay agreement will run for 27 months and increase will be calculated on the following basis:
3% from 1st December, 2006 2% from 1st June 2007 (except those earning up to and including €400 per week/€20,859 per annum where a 2.5% increase will apply) 2.5% from 1st March 2008 and 2.5% from 1st september2008.

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