Information Circular No 45/2017: Amendment to A Admin Instruction – Part 10

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following negotiations between PDFORRA, Military Management and C&A Branch, D COS Sp. has signed an amendment to A Admin Instruction Part 10 which removes the requirement for personnel enlisted after 17 Feb 2006 and who are seeking re-engagement in service (12 to 21 Years) to have:

“successfully completed and passed all courses to qualify to the rank of Cpl (or equivalent NS rank) or be a grade 3 or higher technician”

PDFORRA understands that OIC A Administration is to promulgate this amendment without delay and it will be available on IKON through the current regulations link.

Personnel who do not meet the full Re-Engagement criteria will have their applications reviewed by a panel to determine their applications for Re-Engagement in Service.

Any PDFORRA member experiencing difficulties with the aforementioned process is requested to contact a member of their District Committee, or alternatively, their Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) for assistance.


Issued on the 13/12/2017

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