Information Circular No 41/2017: Processing of Claims for PTR and AF 180’s – as Indicated by DJ4

By Industrial Relations Officer

A letter was issued in 2011 by D Admin, instructing that all personnel attending courses will process their PTR claims through their home units with the exception of Officers attached to the Military College for the purposes of senior and junior Command & Staff courses.

In relation to personnel undertaking the TT scheme the procedure is outlined in Admin Instr 03/2002. However, it appears that 03/2002 does NOT cater for personnel undertaking TT schemes in Formations outside the DFTC. The procedure in place for the administration of these claims is laid down in a D Admin’s letter dated May 2009 in which the following is the procedure:

a.    Personnel will complete an AF90/180 using the attached unit’s cost centre code, and this will be signed by an authorised officer within the unit to which the individual is attached.

b.    The authorised AF90/180 will be forwarded to the home unit of the individual for inputting on iExpenses.

c.    When inputting the claim on iExpenses, the inputter will ensure that the Expense Cost Centre reflects the cost centre of the unit to which the individual is attached.

d.    The approver should in ALL cases be the authorised officer of the home unit of the individual whom is making the claim. The electronic approval in these claims will be based on the AF90/180 being signed by the authorised officer of the unit to which the individual is attached.

PDFORRA members – on the TT scheme experiencing difficulties regarding the processing of their PTR claims – are invited to contact the National Office where assistance will be provided.


Issued on the 08/11/2017

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