Information Circular No 40/2017: Timely Payment of Duty Allowances

By Industrial Relations Officer

It has been brought to the attention of PDFORRA HQ that some members are experiencing delays in the payment of Security Duty Allowance (SDA) and similar type payments.

While the exact reasons for the delays in payment are unknown to the personnel concerned, PDFORRA believe that all members have an entitlement to be remunerated within a reasonable timeframe for the duties undertaken.

Moreover, failure to appropriately remunerate employees for work done constitutes a breach of Section 5 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1991.

Defence Force Regulation S.6 provides for the ability of District Committees to discuss the administration of pay with their Unit Commanders.

In the event that our members experience delays in the payment of duty monies, they are requested to approach a member of their District Committee and request that the matter be placed on the agenda for the next meeting with the Unit Commander.

District Committees will log all approaches and revert to the member, or members concerned, subsequent to the District meeting.

Additionally, all recorded approaches will be forwarded by District Committees to Regional level for compilation at National HQ – so that systematic deficiencies in pay administration, if they exist, can be identified and remedied.


Issued on the 06/11/2017

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