Information Circular No 39/2017: Reinstatement of Unestablished Technician Pay – In Certain Circumstances

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA requests that all members who held Unestablished Technician Pay on the 1st of December 2012, and who subsequently had this allowance removed following overseas deployment, contact PDFORRA HQ for advice.

Correspondence issued by military management, following apparent direction from the Department of Defence, on the 4th of June 2013, clearly states  – “ on an exceptional basis, personnel who were in receipt of unestablished technician pay would be permitted to retain this until discussions concluded with the representative bodies”.

Unit Commanders were instructed not to initiate or approve any further claims subsequent to the 1st of December 2012.  This element of the aforementioned correspondence appears to have given rise to some degree of confusion, as some personnel who volunteered for overseas were removed from unestablished technician pay and did not have this element of their pay reinstated upon their return to Ireland.

PDFORRA members who find themselves in this situation are kindly requested to contact their unit pay clerks and request that they be placed back on unestablished technician pay from their date of return.

In the event that units are hesitant to do so, PDFORRA members are requested to contact PDFORRA HQ for advice on how to proceed.


Issued on the 03/11/2017

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