Information Circular No 37/2017: Access to Private MRI Scans

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive of PDFORRA have decided to assist our members who are facing discharge by funding an MRI scan which can show that the medical reasons being given for their discharge have been rectified or healed.

To provide for the foregoing, the National Executive have initially dedicated a fund of €10,000 to support this initiative and intend to review this amount in the coming year, depending on the needs of our members.

In order to access this scheme Members must be:

  1. Fully paid up members for at least the previous three months.
  2. Have been suitably referred for a scan by their Medical Officer or GP.
  3. Facing immediate discharge due to being Below Defence Force Medical Standards whilst awaiting medical treatment, or
  4. Unable to Extend in Service whilst awaiting medical treatment, or
  5. Unable to Re-Engaging in Service whilst awaiting medical treatment, or
  6. Unable to Continue in Service whilst awaiting medical treatment.

The MRI’s under this scheme, which must be approved by PDFORRA in advance, can be availed of in any of the 11 Affidea medical centres nationwide.

The Executive plans to be in a position to announce additional health supports for PDFORRA members in the coming months, which it intends to integrate with this scheme.

Members can contact PDFORRA HQ, or a member of their District Committee, for information and assistance to avail of this scheme.


Issued on the 11/10/2017

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