Information Circular No 31/2017: Periods of Exemption From Payment of Rations – Single Living In Personnel

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA wish to advise members with Single Living In status of their entitlement to the rebate of deduction of rations arising from DFR S3 Para 41 (A).

Under the provisions of the aforementioned regulation, Single Living In Personnel are entitled to the exemption from the deduction in rations when:

  • The soldier is in a military or civil hospital or sanatorium;
  • The soldier is attending a course of training or instruction at a training establishment outside the State;
  • The soldier is on service outside the State with an International United Nations Force;
  • The soldier’s pay is forfeited;
  • During periods of weekend leave when a soldier (sailor/airman) does not avail of dining facilities, or
  • A soldier who has permission to live outside barracks, occupies single quarters and/or is issued with rations by reason of absence from his permanent station on temporary duty (such as relief duty, undergoing course of training or instruction, duty on board ship or on service outside the State with an International United Nations Force) or where regimental duty or a duty of an operational nature confines him at his permanent station, in respect of accommodation or rations in respect of such period.
  • A single non-commissioned officer or seaman of the Naval Service who normally occupies single quarters is accommodated and rationed during a period during which he is serving on board ship and is required to live and sleep on board ship, in respect of accommodation only.

Personnel should be aware that further exemptions arise in the context of Para 41(A) (2), however these relate to exceptional circumstances.

Should PDFORRA members experience difficulties in attaining rebates they are requested to contact their District Committee as the matter is one which is appropriate for discussion under DFR S.6.


Issued on the 17/08/2017

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