Information Circular No 28/2017: Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) – Pay Increases – Payment Dates

By Industrial Relations Officer

LRA – Pay Increases:

PDFORRA has received confirmation that the Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) pay increases wef January 2016 will be paid on 5th July 2017 including:-

  • Increases of 2.5% in annualised salary those earning up to €24,000 and
  • Increases of 1% in annualised salary those earning between €24,001to €31,000.

The LRA increases wef 1st April 2017 are due to be paid on 19th July 2017 to all members:-

  • Increase €19.16 per week for those earning up to €65,000.


Pay Increases – Private’s Recruited Post 1st Jan 2013:

PDFORRA has also been informed that sanction has been received for the revised post 2013 new entrant pay-scales and these increases and arrears backdated to the 1st July 2016 will be processed in due course.


LRA 2 – Briefings

In the coming weeks, members are invited to attend LRA 2 Briefings.  Please consult local PDFORRA District notice boards for further information on LRA 2 Briefings.


Issued on the 03/07/2017

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