Information Circular No 27/2017: Problems with the Administration of Pay and Pensions in Certain Circumstances

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA is currently trying to address a large number of problems regarding pay and pension admin, which are running at a higher level than normal.

The root of the problems is the fact that the administration of pay has moved from Department of Defence to Payroll Shared Services Centre (PSSC) which is unfamiliar with the system and administration of pay for Enlisted Personnel of the Permanent Defence Force. PDFORRA has raised the problem on several occasions in recent months and only limited progress has been made.

Recently PDFORRA has secured a number of pay advances for members which will further complicate the work of PSSC pay admin including:

  •  Increases of 2.5% and 1% in the annualised salary of those earning up to €24,000 and €30,000 per annum respectively in the first 6 months of 2016;
  • The payment of €19.16 per week wef 1st April 2017;
  • The application of a 10% increase in the pay of Apprentices wef November 2013 inclusive of any arrears and,
  • Increases and arrears in the pay of post 1st Jan 2013 Private rank wef 1 July 2016

The foregoing increases and associated arrears will place a huge burden on the pay admin process over the coming months in addition to on-going problems and those arising from the fact that PSSC are new to the Defence Sector.

Consequently, members should allow several months for payments of all the above mentioned increases and arrears.


Issued on the 20/06/2017

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