Information Circular No 26/2017: PDFORRA NEC Position – Public Service Stability Agreement 2018 – 2020

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive Committee (NEC) has met to consider the outcome of the negotiations to conclude an agreement to extend the Lansdowne Rd Agreement for a period of three years from 1st Jan 2018.

The pay offer of between 5.57% and 7.25% of annualised salary is comparable to the private sector and will fully restore the 2008 pay levels at the maximum of every rank over the lifetime of the agreement. It is within the range advanced by the Public Sector Pay Commission and it is enhanced by the processes provided to address the adjudication, retention and incremental scale problems.

The D PER proposal provides for the conversion of the Pension Related Deduction (PRD) into an Additional Pension Contribution (ASC). Ultimately the level of contribution will be 3.3% for Single Scheme members (post 1 Jan 2013) and 10% for pre-2013 members but only on pensionable pay and allowances. Enlisted Personnel, alongside Garda, Prison Officers and Fire Fighters, will pay €575 per annum more in ASC than members of the standard pension schemes. While PDFORRA hoped for a reduction in PRD at this time, the general pension context is evolving negatively and the change will secure the existing benefits for pre – 2013 pension schemes for members. In addition, post end-February 2012 retirees on reduced salaries will receive pension increases in line with pay increases received by comparators in service for the duration of the agreement.

A significant weakness of the proposals is the failure to provide a comparable offer to that secured by the Garda associations following the acceptance by Government that the Labour Court recommendations on allowances in November 2016 were within the Lansdowne Rd Agreement parameters.

In the round, the PDFORRA NEC would recommend acceptance of the proposals, including the demanding higher ASC of €575 per annum, subject to securing a comparable measure to the Garda Labour Court recommendation accepted by Government.


Issued on the 20/06/2017

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