Information Circular No 21/2017: D PER Proposal on Terms of Extension of the Lansdowne Road Agreement – Important Non-Pay and Pension Provisions

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following talks facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC), D PER has made proposals to Public Servants including PDFORRA members as part of negotiations on an extension to the Lansdowne Rd Agreement – which is called the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018 – 2020.  The proposed Agreement includes the following important non-pay provisions:

  1. It acknowledges some recruitment and retention difficulties in the public service and provides a process for considering them involving the Public Service Pay Commission to be completed by the end of 2018.
  1. In its implementation, public service bodies shall have regard for the need to eliminate discrimination, promote equality and protect human rights – including staff.
  1. It continues to provide for co-operation with reform and modernisation measures to deliver greater productivity and in the Defence Sector specifically it provides for ‘ongoing reform, modernisation and transformation initiatives, including in relation to the implementation of the White Paper on Defence 2015’.
  1. It agrees that a balance must be struck between the efficiencies from the standardisation of payroll functions with the needs of employees in relation to the payment of wages on a consistent basis at a mutually agreed interval.
  1. It provides that there will be no cost increasing claims during the lifetime of the Public Service Stability Agreement 2018 – 2020.
  1. It acknowledges that the increased length of the salary scale in certain instances in respect of post 2011 entrants, including PDFORRA members, is a matter of concern and commits the parties to examine the remaining salary scale issues within 12 months of the commencement of the Agreement. Any outcome will have regard to the fiscal envelope of the Agreement and the medium term fiscal framework.

The foregoing are the most important non-pay and pensions provisions of D PERs proposals. The remainder have varying degrees of relevance and importance and may be outlined in more detail if required.


Issued on the 09/06/2017

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