Information Circular No 20/2017: D PER Proposal on Terms of Extension of the LRA – Pension Contribution and Pension Related Deduction (PRD)

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following talks facilitated by the WRC, D PER has made the following pension contribution proposal to PDFORRA members as part of a proposed extension to the Lansdowne Rd Agreement (LRA).

The D PER proposal provides that the existing PRD will be converted into a permanent Additional Pension Contribution (ASC), which will be in addition to any existing superannuation contribution.  It is intended that the ASC will apply to pensionable remuneration only.

It is proposed that the thresholds, bands and rates in respect of PRD will be converted to an ASC to reflect the differentiated pension benefits of public servants as follows:

Public Servants who are Members of pre-2013 Pension Schemes with Fast Accrual Terms (Unchanged)

 Band                                      Rate

Up to €28,750 Exempt
€28,750 to €60,000 10%
€60,000 plus 10.5%


All Public Servants who are Members of the Single Public Service Pension Scheme

01 January 2019:

Band                                      Rate

Up to €32,000 Exempt
€32,000 to €60,000 6.66%
€60,000 plus 7%


01 January 2020:

Band                                      Rate

Up to €34,500 Exempt
€34,500 to €60,000 3.33%
€60,000 plus 3.5%


Pensions in Payment             The proposal provides that those who retire or will retire post end-February 2012, to the extent that they retired on reduced salaries, will receive pension increases in line with pay increases received by their peers currently in employment in accordance with and for the duration of the agreement until 2020.


Issued on the 08/06/2017

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