Information Circular No 17/2017: Access to Private Ultrasound Services

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the downgrading of certain medical services within St Bricins Hospital last year, PDFORRA made representations to the Department of Defence regarding access to radiological services by our members.

Following the exchange of extensive correspondence, the Department has confirmed that the Director of Medical Branch (DMB) sent a notification to all Medical Officers and Army Nursing Staff in July 2016 informing them of the interim decision to permit Enlisted Personnel access to Private Ultrasound services upon referral by a Medical Officer or Civilian Practitioner.

The aforementioned notification included an instruction to make all Civilian Medical Practitioners aware of the foregoing entitlement.

However, PDFORRA understands that some enlisted personnel have had scans in a private capacity on the advice of Civilian Practitioners in the absence of knowledge of the above instruction.

All PDFORRA members are advised to get sanction for Private Ultrasound services from, either their Medical Officer or treating Civilian Practitioner where they require such treatment.  Personnel are advised that failure to secure prior sanction may result in repayment NOT being made where personnel attain scans in a private capacity.


Issued on the 16/05/2017

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