Information Circular No 13/2017: Operation Pontus – Payment of Arrears and Future Work

By Industrial Relations Officer

Following the successful conclusion of the negotiations on the appropriate payments for members deployed to the Mediterranean on Operation Pontus, the Department have confirmed that the arrears payments due as a result of the agreed payment of an additional €15 per day tax free will be paid on Wednesday, 3 May 2017.

All other payments due for the mission have now been paid.  Where individual members believe they have not received full payment, they should contact Head Office to resolve the matter.

Conciliation Council Report No 502 also provides for further negotiations on the definition of what constitutes a humanitarian-type mission and what the agreed level of payments should be for such missions.  It is intended that these discussions will take place later in 2017 at meetings of Conciliation Council Sub-Committee when progress is made on the work being undertaken by other active sub-committees.  As with the claim for payments for Operation Pontus, the outcome of the sub-committee can be referred to Adjudication where it is not possible to reach agreement.

During discussions on the level of payments for Operation Pontus, PDFORRA took the view that regardless of the fact that the mission was classified as humanitarian it was essentially an armed mission and that this should be reflected in the payments. This position will be further emphasised in any forthcoming discussions at Sub-Committee level.


Issued on the 02/05/2017

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