Information Circular No 12/2017: Agenda for National Pay Talks

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive Committee met on Wednesday, 19 April 2017 to consider its position on what its agenda should include for the forthcoming National Pay Talks to negotiate a successor to the Lansdowne Rd Agreement.

The meeting considered the austerity measures exacted on the membership, the improving budgetary situation, the impact of the Permanent Defence Force re-organisation and the likely priorities of other public service unions and associations.  After analysis and debate, the National Executive Committee has drawn up the following draft agenda for the talks.

  1. Decrease in / or eradication of Pension-Related Deduction (PRD) and/or pay increases
  1. Restoration of 10% cut to allowances implemented under the Haddington Rd Agreement
  1. Further comparable measures to end the two-tier pay structure for entry grades
  1. Implementation of outstanding Adjudication awards i.e. ARW Allowance, Chefs Technician Pay and free Rations and Accommodation for Recruits and Apprentices.
  1. Comparable treatment to Garda Rep Associations – Labour Court recommendations
  1. Where appropriate, comparable measures to any central agreement adjustments
  1. Unwinding and/or lifting of the FEMPI legislation and associated restriction on cost increasing claims.

The National Executive Committee has requested all members and committees to consider the above draft agenda and where appropriate, inform the General Secretary of any views on the approach on or before Friday, 12 May 2017.


Issued on the 02/05/2017

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