Information Circular No 8/2017: NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2018:- Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

The NCO Promotion Competition 2017 – 2019 as originally published is being re-scheduled to ensure that the originally agreed provisions of CCR No 448B are applied.

It was originally agreed that candidates who met the service in the rank requirement of three (3) years in the Army and Air Corps and two (2) years in the Naval Service on the commencement of the interview and assessment process would take part in the Competition.  This provision could not be met in the originally published competition because it only allowed applications from prospective candidates up to 7th March 2017 rather than the scheduled commencement date for the interview and assessment process.

In an effort to correct the foregoing, the Competition will now be advertised in three (3) Routine Orders and recommended applications will be accepted at Formation level from those meeting the eligibility criteria up to 24th April 2017.  As a result of the change a small number of additional candidates will be eligible for the Competition.

The Military Authorities have issued an amended ADMINO 01/17 which outlines the re-scheduled arrangements in respect of the Competition.

In the interim, PDFORRA will be working with the Department of Defence and the Military Authorities to agree a comprehensive Annex XYZ list to be used on the commencement of actual promotions.  This process will overlap with work on the Naval Service TI/16 and Air Corps AF 692 processes.


Issued on the 16/03/2017

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