Information Circular No 2/2017: Electronic Payslips

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has recently been contacted by members concerned about requests for civilian email addresses from the military authorities.

Following these contacts, PDFORRA submitted correspondence to Defence Forces Conciliation and Arbitration Branch (C&A) seeking clarification on the issues raised by members, principle among these being the issue of payslips being sent directly to civilian email addresses supplied.

The Department has confirmed that payslips will NOT be issued by email. Additionally, for informative purposes, the Department confirmed that payslips are to be accessed through a secure portal.

The requirement for personnel to tender civilian email addresses arises consequential upon the possibility of having to recover passwords in a secure manner.

Lastly, the Department has confirmed that the Department’s civilian employees along with the 12,000 Army pensioners have recently migrated successfully to this system.


Issued on the 24/01/2017

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