Information Circular No 31/2016: PDFORRA Membership – Density Increasing

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRAs end of year membership density for 2016 has increased to 86% and this represents a 1.5% rise since 2015. Prior to the 2008 crisis, PDFORRA had membership levels around 92% and the trend in recent years has been moving back in that direction. PDFORRA has never had a membership density of less than 83%. The improving figures will enhance PDFORRAs influence in 2017 and help ensure more benefits for Enlisted Personnel in the future.

The vast majority of ex-members who left for financial reasons over the last number of years have always remained supporters of PDFORRA and are now re-joining as a consequence of their improving financial situation following significant progress by the Association in recent years. In particular those re-joining cite the fact that PDFORRA has delivered a promotion system that has seen close to 2,000 Enlisted Personnel promoted since 2012, secured annual holiday pay for the members with an annual value of close to €1Million, compensation for loss of earnings payments following barrack closures, retention of certain allowances, including border allowance – on a personal to the holder basis and significantly longer periods of service for those joining since 1994. While these measures do not negate the impact of the pay cuts, increased deductions and increased taxes, they demonstrate PDFORRAs commitment to fight to restore previous pay levels. It should also be noted that any advances are hard fought in the face of particular opposition from the Military Authorities, Department of Defence and D PER.

PDFORRA plans to undertake a recruiting initiative once it is in a position to recommend acceptance of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement (LRA). This should see particular improvements for the 2013 entrant Privates and will of course deliver the first small pay increases in recent years. This will see further increases in membership density in the coming years as the financial and economic environment stabilises as PDFORRA becomes more influential.

A sign of PDFORRAs influence is that many retired Enlisted Personnel want to remain members of PDFORRA. This may be attributed to the support received during service, the benefits received through the PDFORRA Support Website and also to express solidarity with those who remain members of the PDF. While remaining members of PDFORRA after retirement is not possible, consideration is being given to establishing an allied organisation to represent retired Enlisted Personnel.


Issued on the 20/12/2016

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