Recommendations of the Public Service Benchmarking Body


The Public Service Benchmarking Body (PSBB) issued its recommendations for all grades of public service employees benchmarked on Thursday 10th January 2008. It does not recommend any pay increases for the great majority of grades covered by the process.
In relation to the ranks represented by PDFORRA, the PSBB does not recommend any increases in pay or allowances.

The general basis presented by the PSBB for its recommendations was as follows:

The comparison conducted by the PSBB between remuneration levels in the public service and the private sector revealed that, in general, public service salaries compare well with private sector, and
The comparison exercise combined with a discount of 12% in respect of the value of public service pensions relative to arrangements in the private sector showed that the salaries of only a small number of grades (mainly senior management) were below private sector rates.
The PSBB concluded that pension arrangements in the public service are significantly more valuable than those in the private sector – and that the main reasons for this is that public service pensions increase in line with salaries while those in the private sector move in line with Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases or less. In addition, there is full pension coverage for public service employees in the form of defined benefit schemes while many private sector employees do not have pensions at all and, in the case of those with pension schemes, an increasing number are covered by defined contribution schemes.

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