Information Circular No 29/2016 Experience in a Higher Acting Rank and Related Matters


In 2007 the Military Authorities confirmed that a responsibility lies with Unit Commanders to manage the careers of suitably qualified NCOs by exposing them to the experience provided by service in a higher acting rank. Accordingly, all suitably qualified NCOs in a unit should be given the opportunity to serve in a higher acting rank. Such appointments are not normally the exclusive preserve of the most senior NCOs in a unit.

PDFORRA and its committees have been active in endeavouring to empower its members in relation to this matter and in supporting them where necessary.

Higher acting rank experience is an element of one of the competencies of the new NCO promotion system instituted since 2012 with Military Experience and Engagement being the most likely one. However, in previous competitions its application has been patchy and it has not always been considered as was intended.

PDFORRA has now clarified that higher acting rank service is a matter considered by the NCO promotion system and implemented measures to ensure that it is applied uniformly by all boards. Higher acting rank experience will represent an element of one of the competencies but will not represent a competency on its own.

While higher acting rank service will form an element of the promotion assessment process, such service will not count towards service in the rank in terms of the service requirements to be eligible to enter the competition.

Please Display on Notice Boards                                                                                                         Issued on 07/12/2016

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