Information Circular No 26/2016: Agreement Reached on 2016 – 2018 NCO Promotion Competition for Sergeant Rank and Higher

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA, the Department of Defence and the Military Authorities have reached agreement on the system and criteria that are to apply to the 2016 -2018 NCO Promotion Competition for Sergeant rank and Higher.  The initial advertisement will be launched in the near future by the relevant Military Authorities following some final minor adjustments.  The main agreed features of the 2016 – 2018 competition compared with the previous competitions are as follows:

  1. The medical classification code and fitness test criteria are to remain the same as the last two competitions on a transitional basis in the case of the Sergeant to CS/CQMS competition i.e. 22634 (under 40) and 33634 (over 40). Similarly, the hearing eligibility criteria for promotion from Cpl to Sgt will remain at Grade 4 hearing grade rather than hearing Grade 2 as a transitional measure.
  1. The exclusion of overseas service in respect of Air Corps competitions has been discontinued.
  1. It has been clarified that interview and assessment boards will receive instruction on the allocation of overseas service marks to the effect that it is based on a competency assessment rather than a simple matter of counting the number of trips.
  1. It has been clarified that time spent in an acting rank will count for marks under one of the competency headings.
  1. The service in the rank criteria is to be set at 3 years for the Army and Air Corps and 2 years for the Naval Service. Moreover, the service will be calculated up until the scheduled date for interviews.
  1. To be eligible BQMS candidates must have certified experience of operating within an account.

The Military Authorities will now advertise the agreed promotion competition, prepare for interview and assessment of candidates and commence discussions on the essential assignment criteria outlined the Annex XYZ document which will be used in the competition.  A number of changes will be implemented through the training of board matters and clarified in the associated FAQ document.


Issued on the 05/12/2016

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