Information Circular No 24/2016: Review of NCO Promotion System for Sergeant and Higher

By Industrial Relations Officer

Significant progress has been made at discussions on the Review of the NCO Promotion System for Sergeant-rank and Higher. Should agreement be reached it will allow the 2016 – 2018 NCO promotion competition to be initiated in the coming weeks.

The most significant obstacle to agreement is the divergent positions on the medical classification code necessary to be eligible to compete in the next competition. The issue would have a significant adverse impact and is not something PDFORRA can agree. In such circumstances it would be necessary to refer the matter to the dispute resolution mechanism under the Lansdowne Rd Agreement.

In respect of the service in the rank for eligibility to enter competitions is likely be set at three years for the Army and Air Corps and two years for the Naval Service.

It is agreed that greater training will be given to interview and assessment boards and will include a file review exercise. Additional training on PDF matters will be provided to the civilians on the boards.

It will be clarified that service in an acting rank is relevant to the assessment of candidates under the military experience and engagement competency.

It has been agreed that assessment reports will reflect the specifics of the candidates rather than being general in nature.

It has been accepted that standardisation of marks awarded across boards needs some adjustment but no agreement has been reached on how this should be done.

It has been agreed that the content of Annex XYZ will be reviewed once the 2016 – 2018 competition has been launched.


Issued on the 17/11/2016

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