Information Circular No 22/2016: Public Services Card

By Industrial Relations Officer

Some PDFORRA members have recently received letters in the post, inviting them to register for their Public Services Card.  If you receive such a letter, please don’t ignore it.  You may run into difficulties claiming Family Income Supplement (FIS) payments if you fail to secure your new Public Services Card.

The Public Services Card is a new card which you can use to claim social welfare payments.  The new card will replace the Social Services Card and the Free Travel Pass.  One of the main reasons the card is being introduced is to combat fraud.

The new Public Services Card is initially being rolled out to people in receipt of certain Social Welfare payments (such as child benefit or pensions) and to those who are applying for other Social Welfare payments for the first time.  Eventually everyone will be issued with a Public Services Card.

It is the Department of Social Protection who are sending out the letters.  The card is mainly being issued by invitation but if you haven’t received a letter, you can contact your local Social Welfare office or Intreo centre to arrange an appointment.

You must register for the card in person.  This appointment, which will be in your local social welfare office or Intreo centre, should take no more than 15 minutes.  You will have your photograph taken and signature recorded during the appointment, and you must bring proof of ID along with you – a long version birth certificate and a passport or driving licence or learner permit is typically required.

Applicants must also bring along evidence of their address, such as an electricity or phone bill and should also take along the letter they received from the Department of Social Protection inviting you to register. Applicants should receive their Public Services Card in the post within a week of their appointment.  There is no charge for the card.

PDFORRA members with any general questions about either the new Public Services Card or the registration process can contact the Department of Social Protection:

Client Identity Services

Department of Social Protection

Shannon Lodge

Carrick-On-Shannon, Co. Leitrim.

 Locall:                        1890 927 999                  


Issued on the 20/10/2016

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