Information Circular No 18/2016: Paternity Leave and Benefit Act 2016

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has submitted a claim to the Department of Defence seeking the amendment of DFR A 11. This claim seeks to provide for the ability of eligible personnel to avail of Paternity Leave in accordance with the Paternity Leave Act 2016.

The aforementioned Act states that:

  • All employees must have their paternity leave certified by their employer.
  • You must notify your employer at least 4 weeks before taking your paternity leave. If you are adopting a child, you must provide confirmation of the date of placement of your baby.
  • In the case of adoption, you must produce a certificate of placement in relation to the child.
  • In the case of an intercountry adoption that took place outside the State, you must produce a declaration of eligibility and suitability in relation to the child and particulars in writing of the day of placement or expected day of placement.



  • If you are employed, you must provide your employer with proof of the expected date of confinement of your spouse or partner. In other words, you will be required to provide a certificate from your spouse or partner’s doctor confirming when your baby is due, or confirmation of the actual date of birth if you are applying for leave after the birth.
  • If your Spouse or Partners pregnancy results in a stillbirth or miscarriage any time after the 24th week of pregnancy (i.e. from the beginning of the 25th week) and you are entitled to paternity leave, you are entitled to 2 weeks Paternity Benefit provided you satisfy the social insurance (PRSI) requirements.
  • If your baby is hospitalised you can postpone your paternity leave and Paternity Benefit or whatever portion of it remains for a maximum of 6 months.

PDFORRA advises all personnel to apply for their Public Services Card as it may be a requirement for the administration of this type of leave if agreed with the Department.

Further details can be attained by logging on to HTTPS://WWW.WELFARE.IE


Issued on 17/08/2016

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