Information Circular No 15/2016: Pay Position of 2013 Privates

By Industrial Relations Officer

The pay of Privates joining the Permanent Defence Force since 2013 is less than it would have been had Para 2.31 of the Haddington Rd Agreement (HRA) been applied to them.  PDFORRA has already commenced negotiations to address this situation and has achieved some small advances but nowhere near enough to match the benefits provided under the HRA.

PDFORRA estimate that the pay of a Private joining since 2013 is typically €50 a week lower than it should be had the benefits of the HRA been fully applied.  It should be noted that PDFORRA has secured and agreed a 5.26% increase in the pay and pensionable allowances of Enlisted Personnel joining since 2013.

PDFORRA wish to continue negotiations on the pay of the Privates joining since 2013 to deliver increases which will see pay levels increase to a more acceptable level.  Where agreement cannot be reached on these matters the final decision will be by adjudication/arbitration through a binding determination on both sides.

The Department’s position on the pay of Privates joining since 2013 is that the section of the Haddington Rd Agreement which provides for further pay benefits does not apply to Privates.  However, this section applies to every other entrant grade across the public service and effectively ended the two-tier pay structure introduced by Government in 2011.

In PDFORRAs view, the Department does not have the authority to unilaterally exclude any group, including Privates joining since 2013, from any of the provisions of the Haddington Rd Agreement and where they do the matter can be challenged through referral to adjudication/arbitration for binding determination on both sides.

PDFORRA will steadfastly pursue progress on the pay levels of Privates joining since 2013 within the framework of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement.  This action requires the support of all our membership including those undergoing an increment freeze.

Further circulars will be issued as the matter progresses.


Issued on 11/07/2016

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