Information Circular No 14/2016: Increment Freeze – Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive Committee (NEC) has met to consider how PDFORRA should respond to the Government’s unilateral decision to impose an increment freeze on PDFORRA members in an effort to force PDFORRA to accept that the Haddington Rd Agreement section providing for an end to the two-tier pay structure does not apply to the members joining the Permanent Defence Force since 2013.

The NEC has condemned the actions of the Government and characterised the implementation of an increment freeze on PDFORRA members as both provocative and inappropriate while clarifications and negotiations on the Lansdowne Rd Agreement are on-going.

Given the foregoing, PDFORRA will challenge the decision to impose an increment freeze on its members using the dispute resolution process of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement which will involve referral of the matter to adjudication/arbitration for binding determination.  Any binding determination applies to both sides.

The Minister with Responsibility for Defence, Mr Paul Kehoe, TD, has invited PDFORRA to talks – and PDFORRA will be taking up the invitation.  The meeting will take place on Wednesday 13th July 2016.

The Minister and his Government have discretion to set aside the increment freeze under Section 8 of the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest (FEMPI) Act 2015 and PDFORRA is of the view that it should be set aside.  As far as PDFORRA is concerned this will be the main subject of the meeting.

The solidarity shown by all members in bearing an increment freeze in support of Privates entering since 2013 will be crucial to improving the current position.  Your support in these circumstances is greatly appreciated.

Further circulars will be issued as the matter of the increment freeze progresses.


Issued on 11/07/2016

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