By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA, the association representing soldiers, sailors and aircrew of the Permanent Defence Force, says that the imposition of an increment freeze on its members is both provocative and inappropriate.  However, such a measure is in reality recognition by the Government that aspects of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement are open to negotiation rather than being a dispute about the interpretation of its clauses.  Accordingly, the clarification provided by imposing the increment freeze may ultimately facilitate a resolution of the two-tier pay structure for PDFORRA members of Private rank through negotiations.

PDFORRA General Secretary, Gerry Rooney said today, “PDFORRA’s National Executive Committee believes the imposition of an increment freeze is inappropriate and provocative – particularly where PDFORRA has indicated it will meet all its obligations under the Lansdowne Rd Agreement.  Moreover, in practice PDFORRA has not been offered the Lansdowne Rd Agreement.  The action by Government is contrary to the dispute resolution framework of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement and was conducted without due process. PDFORRA will now initiate the dispute resolution process contained within the agreements in the first instance”.

Gerry Rooney continued: “While the imposition of a measure like an increment freeze during negotiations is inappropriate and provocative, it is also recognition that both parties are in a negotiating situation rather than engaging in an act of clarifying or interpreting some element of an agreement.  In these circumstances it is necessary to open negotiations on the disputed aspects of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement, which should be facilitated by the Workplace Relations Commission and co-ordinated with the ICTU Public Service Committee”.

Gerry Rooney concluded by saying: “While engaging in negotiations on the full implementation of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement concerning the ending of two-tier pay structures, PDFORRA will continue to meet its obligations under the Lansdowne Rd Agreement and challenge by all means necessary the application of a pay freeze using its provisions”.

Press Statement Issued on the 08/07/2016

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