PDFORRA Members Angry And Disappointed At Benchmarking Findings


PDFORRA can confirm that there are considerable anger and disappointment among its membership about the benchmarking report, which was published yesterday. The soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Defence Forces were awarded a zero increase and this is incomprehensible.

Simon Devereux, Deputy General Secretary of PDFORRA said to-day, “This report with a zero increase for Defence Force members is an insult to the men and women who make such a massive contribution both at home and overseas. The Defence Forces has responded so positively to modernisation; it has experienced considerable cutbacks in the last decade – and has done everything which has been asked of it by Government – and it is now ignored by our benchmarking process, in particular the failure to recognise the uniqueness of Military Service   is unjust and unacceptable”

PDFORRA and its members have noted the very considerable increases awarded to senior executives in the public sector in recent weeks. Why and how is this possible, if there are no funds available to pay the people at the coalface. PDFORRA is in a very difficult position as it is excluded from national pay talks. The organisation must now assess how its members can be represented on the crucial issue of pay and conditions – as the benchmarking process has essentially failed us.


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