Information Circular No 11/2016: Review of NCO Promotion Competitions for Sgt Rank and Higher 2012 – 2016

By Industrial Relations Officer

The 2014 – 2016 NCO Promotion Competitions to Sergeant Rank and Higher ended on 11th June 2016 and will now be the subject of a detailed review as provided for when the original Conciliation Council Report No 448 was concluded.

In support of the review process, PDFORRA has carried out an analysis of the operation of the two new competency based NCO promotion systems and has received a large volume of feedback for interested members and district committees.  This has identified a number of deficiencies in the operation of the system and also a number of opportunities which could improve the process of promotion.  In total PDFORRA has identified at least 40 separate issues that need to be considered as part of any review – and these will form part of PDFORRAs submission for change during the review process.  The following are some of the major issues that have been identified:

  • The question of a reserve Order of Merit List
  • The qualifying length of service and the granting of waivers from same in particular circumstances
  • Standardisation of treatment of overseas service for marks
  • The question of overseas service marks in respect of the Air Corps
  • The question of the introduction of TI – 16 standards for Naval Service appointments
  • Review of Annex XYZ essential qualifications and related matters

It should be noted that the standing up of the next competition will probably take longer than was previously the case because the review is likely to be quite extensive and may need the intervention of a third party to resolve issues between the two sides.  In addition, it should be noted that the review process may see the Departmental Side bring forward issues to be addressed eg impact of the integrated competency framework

Further information circulars will be issued with updates as the matter progresses.

Issued on 28/06/2016

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