Information Circular No 12/2016: Introduction of Flat rate Expenses for Enlisted Members of the Defence Forces

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has successfully negotiated the introduction of a Flat Rate Expense Allowance for Enlisted members of the Defence Forces.

The allowance has been introduced to compensate members for the expense associated with the Dry Cleaning of their No. 1 Dress Uniforms.

The agreement reached with Revenue will see our members, who are not in receipt of Uniform Replenishment Allowance, granted the Flat Rate Expense of 300 in 2016, and €150 annually thereafter.

Additionally, PDFORRA has prepared a proforma for all members, including those in receipt of Uniform Replenishment Allowance, which will assist members  recoup vouched expenses provided for under section 114 of the Tax Consolidation Act (TCA).  This proforma will be circulated to PDFORRA District Committees in early 2017.

While an upper limit of €150 applies on a yearly basis, members can submit claims for amounts in excess of this limit where they can provide receipts.

PDFORRA intend to further investigate the potential for claims under section 114 of the TCA, and will consult with the membership on an on-going basis.

It is hoped that the payment of this year’s €300 allowance which includes €150 arrears for 2015, will be paid before the end of September 2016.

PDFORRA will provide members with updates as we receive them from Revenue.


Issued on the 24/06/2016

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