Information Circular No 10/2016: End of NCO Promotion Competition for Sgt Rank and Higher 2014 – 2016

By Industrial Relations Officer

The 2014 – 2016 NCO Promotion Competitions to Sergeant Rank and Higher – secured by PDFORRA – has now been completed wef 11th June 2016.  The total number of promotions across the 18 months during which the competitions were active was 320 and this included 212 Sergeants, 36 CQMS, 58 Company Sergeants, 6 BQMSs and 8 RSMs/WOs.

The Service breakdown saw 75 of the promotions occur in the Naval Service including 49 POs, 2 SPOs, 23 CPOs and 1 WO.  The 209 Army promotions comprised of 146 Sergeants, 29 CQMSs, 22 Company Sergeants, 6 BQMSs and 6 BSMs.  In the Air Corps there were 36 promotions comprising of 17 Sergeants, 5 CQMSs, 13 Flight Sergeants and I RSM.

This is the second competency-based NCO promotion competition to be run and consequently, approximately 1,000 promotions to Sergeant rank and higher have been delivered over the period from 2012 to 2016.  When added to those of Corporal-rank, approaching 2,000 promotions have been delivered across the period of the two competitions – and this amounts to nearly 25% of the effective Enlisted Personnel strength.  At the individual level the promotions make a considerable contribution to mitigating the effects of the pay cuts and the Pension Related Deduction (PRD) and were a priority for PDFORRA.

Work will now commence on reviewing the NCO promotion system and criteria in order to try and reach a final agreement on the content for the future.  On this occasion however, the process is likely to be more contentious and may require third party assistance to bring the two sides to an agreed outcome.

The period of the review also gives PDFORRA members who have been promoted into locations a considerable distance from their original home stations, an opportunity to transfer closer to home where vacancies arise.


Issued on the 23/06/2016

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