By Industrial Relations Officer

Following negotiations at DFHQ Forum, an agreement has been reached on an amendment to A. Administration Instructions – Part 10 as it pertains to transfers.

Paragraph 211 – APPLICATION FOR POSTINGS – now provides specific timelines for the processing of transfer applications.  “AF 236 shall in all cases be processed within the following timeframe from date of submission of AF 236;”

Parent unit administration          14 Days.

Proposed unit administration     14 Days.

Parent Bde administration            14 Days.

Proposed Bde administration      14 Days.

On occasions where units/brigades disagree and decision is required     21 Days.


Additionally, the recent Letter of Instruction issued by J1 – CO-ORDINATION OF RECRUIT ASSIGNMENT 2016 – introduces a degree of latitude into the transfer system, which, if it were not present, would have seen a considerable number of personnel posted to units far from their homes without the possibility of returning for a considerable period of time.

Investigation of the possibilities for transfers can now be undertaken through the exchange of emails, which it is hoped will speed up the process.

PDFORRA understand that both documents are now available for viewing on the IKON system.

The introduction of timelines and new protocols for transfers are welcome developments and should provide PDFORRA members with a degree of certainty regarding their applications.  The new protocols will also provide personnel who were initially posted to locations away from their families, with an opportunity of returning within a reasonable period of time.


Issued on the 10/06/2016

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