Information Circular No 5/2016: Post 01 Aug 2005 Private Rank – Pot NCO Course Requirement for Re-Engagement

By Industrial Relations Officer

Originally, Privates who joined after 1st August 2005 were required to have completed a Pot NCO Course as well as meeting other criteria such as conduct rating, physical fitness, minimum medical category and successful completion of certain courses in order to re-engage from 12 to 21 years.

Following negotiations with PDFORRA, the requirement to have completed a Pot NCO Course was discontinued and replaced with a yet to be defined course.

Currently the Military Authorities are producing a draft amendment to the relevant regulation to remove the Pot NCO Course requirement and replace it with a course.  The matter will be discussed with PDFORRA before implementation, which is necessary over the coming year up to 1st August 2017.

While it has been agreed that the Pot NCO Course requirement will be removed and replaced with a course requirement, members are reminded that the remainder of the re-engagement criteria outlined in the regulation must still be met to successfully re-engage.

An update will be issued when consultations on the amended regulation are complete.


Issued on the 25/05/2016

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