Information Circular No 4/2016: 2013 Private Rank Pay Scale and the Lansdowne Rd Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA is not intending to ballot the membership on the Lansdowne Rd Agreement (LRA) until the pay scales of the 2013 entrant Privates have been negotiated to a satisfactory conclusion.

The Department has made an offer to PDFORRA to increase the rates and apply them across a 10 point scale.  In this situation, the pay scales – inclusive of Military Service Allowance (MSA) – would run from €418.32 per week (€21,827.94 per annum) at point 1 to €704.43 per week (€36,757.16) at point 10.

While the rates offered are an advance on the existing position, PDFORRA has not accepted them and has proposed an alternative approach to secure the full benefits of re-balancing under the Haddington Rd Agreement (HRA), while accepting that some level of savings is to be secured.  This is how the allowances of the 2013 group have been treated already.

PDFORRA has also indicated that the pay of Ordinary Seamen is below the National Minimum Wage where they are operationally deployed at sea – including on Operation Pontus in the Mediterranean.  Accordingly, an adjustment to both Line Pay and MSA is necessary to resolve this particular issue.

The Department’s position is that the re-balancing measures of the HRA are an alternative to the Defence Sector Collective Agreement and, therefore, cannot apply to the pay scales of the 2013 Privates.  PDFORRAs position is that the re-balancing measures take precedence over the Defence Sector Collective Agreement.

Updates will be issued to the membership as the matter develops.


Issued on the 23/05/2016

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