Ballot on Pensions and Gratuity Offer


PDFORRA is launching its ballot of members on the pension and gratuity offer on the 11th April 2008.

The Department of Defence has offered the following improved terms:
 Increased gratuity of up to 65 week after 31 years service

 New pension additions in respect of Technician Pay ranging from 1% to 15%

 The inclusion of certain allowances for pension purposes eg instructors allowwance
The new terms will apply to all those who joined the Defence Forces prior to 1st April 2004.

The final date for receipt of completed ballot papers is Frioday, 16th May 2008.

the councting of ballots will take place on Monday 19th May 2008.

It is planned to hold briefings in every District prior to 16th May 2008.

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