Information Circular No 1/2016: Naval Service Armourer Trainee Technician Scheme – 2016

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has been notified that the Naval Service intends to train a number of armourers to provide ordnance support to the organisation.  In pursuit of this, PDFORRA understands that the Naval Service has sought applicants to undergo armourer training to commence in March 2016.

PDFORRA has not been consulted in any way regarding this development. Consequently, PDFORRA has sought the withdrawal of the advertisement and requested that the matter be the subject of negotiations through the appropriate forum.

PDFORRA has concerns in relation to the terms and conditions of those undergoing the training.  Moreover, the move represents a complete change in approach to the provision of ordnance support in the Naval Service and has significant implications for the sea – shore rotation system of ERAs and EAs and, ultimately, the retention rates of those grades.  Such matters can only be addressed through negotiations at the Defence Forces Conciliation Council.

In the event that the Naval Service proceeds with the unilateral introduction of the scheme with the associated terms and knock–on implications, PDFORRA will challenge this fact through court action or the dispute resolution mechanisms of the Lansdowne Rd Agreement which commits the Department, and this includes the Naval Service, to good industrial relations practice – which includes use of the appropriate and agreed negotiating procedures.

Finally, all PDFORRA members are instructed not to apply for the scheme and where they have already applied to withdraw such applications pending the negotiation of an acceptable scheme with associated terms, conditions and implications.


Issued on 10/02/2016

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