Information Circular No 20/2015: PDFORRA Seeks Changes to Defence Force Policy on Malaria Prophylaxis

By Industrial Relations Officer

Earlier this year PDFORRA, submitted a claim seeking changes to the Defence Force Malaria Prophylaxis Policy to the Department of Defence, through the C&A Scheme.  The basis of the claim is as follows:

  1. Irish Permanent Defence Force policy on malaria prophylaxis is out of line with the United Nations (UN) policy and it is inconsistent for Ireland to be pursuing a different policy from the experts on this matter.
  2. Irish UN Field Service employees and Irish personnel seconded to the UN are treated differently on this matter under UN policy and Irish policy.
  3. The Irish Defence Force policy is not in the best health interests of the personnel affected by it.

UN policy provides that Lariam is the malaria prophylaxis of first instance. In the case of personnel who are G6PD deficient or have an allergy to quinine based drugs Doxycycline is recommended.

The matter is currently under discussion and will feature on Conciliation Council meeting agenda’s over the coming months.

PDFORRA is advising all personnel who exhibit contra indicators to melfoquine (Lariam), to bring their concerns to the IMMEDIATE attention of their Medical Officer.


Issued on: 30/10/2015

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