Information Circular No 19/2015: Admin Instruction 08/2002 – PTR / Travel Warrant In Lieu

By Industrial Relations Officer

Admin Instruction 08/2002 outlines the entitlement of personnel to a Travel Warrant (LA 52), or PTR in lieu, once weekly or on Defence Force Holidays, to all military personnel who normally reside with their family and single personnel who have permission to reside outside barracks.

This Instruction applies to personnel who are absent from their permanent station on temporary duty.  Examples of such could be – Personnel on a course, temporary duty or relief duty.

The Travel Warrant or PTR is applicable to journeys from the location where the duty is being performed to the permanent station of the personnel concerned.

PTR is payable at the rate of:

  • Public Transport (where available), or
  • Mileage rates, where he/she travels in their own car – at the rate set out in paragraph 56(1) DFR S.3, but providing it is less that PTR rate.

It is important to note that personnel who undertake courses away from their permanent station cannot claim for the first, and last day of their posting.

Should members encounter any difficulties in recouping PTR, subsequent to have undertaken journeys under the foregoing circumstances, please contact a Representative from your local District Committee for assistance.


Issued on: 10/09/2015

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