Information Circular No 17/2015: Claim for Additional Payments LE Eithne / LE Niamh – Update

By Industrial Relations Officer

PDFORRA has submitted a claim for additional allowances equivalent to that paid to members who serve on overseas missions.  The basis of the claim is the hardships, anxieties, domestic upsets, disarrangement of family budgets, personal stress, risks, discomfort and lack of amenities, the high workload and the important fact that the mission is armed, uniformed  and organized in a military unit.

The Department of Defence has made an offer of an allowance equivalent to Overseas Peace Support Allowance because the mission is humanitarian in nature.  However, the Department insists that PDA should not be paid.  The Department’s offer was delivered in a manner that suggested that no further improved offer would be likely.  In response PDFORRA has emphasized that the NS ships are in fact warships and that the crew is extensively armed and, accordingly, the mission cannot be considered unarmed.

PDFORRA and its members are not prepared to accept the current offer and recognize that the claim is an important one given the likelihood that at least one further NS ship will be committed to the operation in the Mediterranean.

PDFORRA is now arranging for the disputed issue to go before the independent adjudicator and is confident that a strong case exists for a substantially larger payment to those members concerned.  Small payments with a medal are NOT substantial enough rewards for PDFORRA members and will be resisted all the way to the adjudicator.

Any further developments will be communicated to the relevant membership in the Naval Service.


Issued on: 12/08/2015

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