Information Circular No 15/2015 CLAIM FOR ADDITIONAL PAYMENTS





The Department has not made a further improved offer in negotiations following PDFORRAs second submission on the claim. Given that the Department’s initial offer was presented as a final offer it is clear that no room for further negotiation now exists in what are unprecedented circumstances. This position is compounded by the Government’s hard attitude towards the pay and conditions of Enlisted Personnel across a number of issues.

Accordingly, PDFORRA has requested early referral to adjudication to bring the matter to an early conclusion.

Early referral is necessary to counter the Department’s position and bring certainty to the payment arrangements for members serving on the LE Eithne and, ultimately, the replacement vessel on the mission LE Niamh.

It is regrettable that the Department has not recognised the excellent service of the crew of the LE Eithne on humanitarian and rescue duties in a meaningful manner in the negotiations. It is PDFORRAs hope that adjudication will provide for more substantial pay arrangements which compliment the professionalism and dedication of the crew of the LE Eithne.









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