Information Circular No 13/2015: Extension of the Haddington Rd Agreement

By Industrial Relations Officer

The National Executive has considered the outcome of the discussions conducted in parallel with the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) regarding the Government’s proposed extension of the Haddington Rd Agreement.

The proposed increases in the Pension Related Deduction (PRD) threshold and increases in pay on elements of annualised salaries is, in the current circumstances, a decent start in terms of pay restoration.  Moreover, the increases are pitched towards lower paid public servants and this is a welcome aspect of the proposed agreement.  If the main terms of the proposed agreement were the only matters to be considered the National Executive would recommend its acceptance in a ballot of the membership.

However, PDFORRAs negotiators took the opportunity of the talks facilitated by the LRC to raise the imbalance between the pay scales of those who entered the PDF before and after 1st January 2013 at the upper end of the Private scale.  No concession was made to PDFORRAs position in the talks.  The issue has arisen because PDFORRA are excluded from national pay bargaining and ICTU.  Ultimately, PDFORRA has been excluded from negotiations on an element of the original Haddington Rd Agreement and our members are now being asked to pay the price for this position which is contrary to the Council of Europe, European Social Charter.

PDFORRA has previously been assured by the Department of Defence and, indeed, Government that its exclusion from ICTU would not impact negatively on its pay and conditions.  This has now proved not be the case and the matter needs to be addressed.

Consequently, PDFORRAs National Executive has decided to seek further talks with Department of Defence facilitated, if possible, by the LRC on the imbalance in pay between pre and post 1st Jan 2013 at the upper end of the Private rank scale, exclusion from ICTU and national pay bargaining.  Consideration of the terms of the proposed Lansdowne Rd Agreement will be deferred until the matter has been satisfactorily pursued through available industrial relation mechanisms.


Issued on: 02/07/2015

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